10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ I Feel Good

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 10/28 is 10 Things You Feel Good About Right Now. Have fun!

Ten Things I feel good about, huh? Well, this will be a very random list. Let’s see what pops into my head! This is in that order (the order in which I think of them) and not priority by any means.

  1. I’m running a giveaway contest! I love doing giveaways. It makes me feel good about myself. Rule reminder: comment on any posts published from 10/27/14 to 10/31/14. In that comment, let me know which of the two giveaway necklaces (stars & pink with blue heart) you like better. Preferably say something else beyond that, too, but that’s not strictly-speaking a requirement. UPDATED TO ADD: I forgot to add an exact end date. Some people like those. Let’s call it midnight Pacific time on Saturday, November 1.
  2. New car, new car, la la la la la la! I’m having so much fun driving. Whee!
  3. I have good plans for NaNo. Maybe not as detailed as I’d like, but I HAVE PLANS. And more than that, I AM DOING WRITING THINGS. It’s been too long.
  4. The EDJ. (That’s Evil Day Job, for those who are unsure.) While I’m not sure about the long-term viability of me staying with the current position (it will depend on a variety of things, and none of them are items I am willing to discuss in such a public forum as a blog) I am currently pleased with the job I am doing there. Mostly with how I feel I am doing at it than the job duties themselves, but still. It’s nice to feel you are doing a good job.
  5. Theatre. I am (co-)stage managing again, and it feels good. I’ve missed it, though I have also decided that breaks are good, and doing less than I once was is vital to my staying sane, having any kind of relationship with Mr. Wyrm, and getting any writing done. It’s still nice to be back involved in a show.
  6. My knitting. I’m still ignoring the Sweetheart Sweater and the seam I messed up on my nephew’s fox, so all of my knitting is currently making me happy.
  7. I’m doing the healthy thing! Mostly. Kinda. Well, I’m at least eating mostly healthy. (With a few splurges thrown in. Those are important, too.) And we just got and set up an exercise bike, so I have big plans for that. I may not feel so good about it later if I don’t use the bike enough, but right now I feel good about it.
  8. Social stuff. Sometimes I am a hermit. I am an introvert, so those times are more normal to me than otherwise. But even as I am feeling normal and happy to be by myself or with my few selected close friends and family, I feel guilty that I am being withdrawn. Lately, I’ve been being happily social. I think the key is doing just enough but not so much that I feel overloaded and pull back into being an introvert.
  9. Tootsie rolls. They are tasty. They are out in the Jack-O-Lantern of treats at work. Enough said.
  10. It rained over the weekend! Not enough to really consider more than a shower, but still. When you’re in a drought, any rain is appreciated. And I love the rain regardless of the drought. More! I want more! 🙂

What about you? Anything in particular you feel good about right now?


3 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday ~ I Feel Good

  1. Lots of good things going on in your world! I like your EDJ reference. That really interferes with my knitting on most days. I love your necklaces. The one with stars is awesome! I would love to be the winner of that ❤

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