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Monday Summary (late again) and a Contest

It’s time for another delayed Sunday Summary for ROW80 2014 Round 4! Remember how I said I was supposed to get my schedule in order? Yeah, obviously that hasn’t happened yet.

  1. OCT: Prepare SF (novel project codename) characters & plot for NaNoWriMo. Working on it. More than before, though it’s still not finished. I have most of another week left… I can do this, right?
  2. NOV: Write 50k words or more in SF.
  3. DEC: Finish the first draft of SF. When done, set aside. (No revision allowed until 1 month after completion date.)
  1. Work on writing projects a minimum of 5 days / week. Nope. I didn’t even remember to track which days I did work on it.
  2. Visit and comment on a minimum of 7 other ROW blogs / week. I think I did this one. I know I commented on several, though I lost track of how many. I think I need to improve my tracking system.
  3. Write a minimum of 3 blog posts / week. At least one of these should be a ROW update. 3 blog posts – yes! I did this one, or nearly. I didn’t post a ROW update on either Sunday or Wednesday, though, so I suppose it doesn’t count after all.

One more week left in October. Time to make it count, right? Starting next week it will be All NaNo, All The Time. So I was supposed to be using October to get in the habit of writing. At least I’ve been thinking about writing, which is more than I’d been doing recently. Here’s hoping for a stellar week!

Oops! I forgot to mention the contest!

Remember those resin jewelry things I was playing with? Well, they are finished. (I think.) I’m still not sure that they are really done, because they are a little tacky, but they have set and seem to not be sticky enough to pick up lint or cat fur or the like. So it seems to just be annoying and not unfinished.


I am still looking for solutions to that, but in the meantime, who wants one? I have plans for the ones with music notes, and the one with the brown background and pink flower. However, the one with stars and the one with a pink background and blue heart bead are up for grabs! All you have to do is:

1. Leave me a comment here. Make sure to specify which of the two you prefer. (The first winner gets their choice, the second winner get the other one.) It’s also ideal if you, you know, comment on something somewhere on this blog.

2. Comment on any other NEW post written between now and Halloween. Multiple posts commented on = multiple entries. Multiple comments on the same post don’t count for more than one entry. Comments on old posts also don’t count. (I can’t keep track.)

3. The winners will be chosen the first weekend in November, when I need a break from NaNoing. I will announce the winners with my first ROW update in November. UPDATED TO ADD: I forgot to add an exact end date. Some people like those. Let’s call it midnight Pacific time on Saturday, November 1.



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