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WIP Weds Check-In and Shiny Things

Okay, time for another WIP Weds. But THIS TIME there is progress for the Round of Words! I promise!

  1. OCT: Prepare SF (novel project codename) characters & plot for NaNoWriMo. Working on it. I’ve even started an outline and Scrivener project.
  2. NOV: Write 50k words or more in SF.
  3. DEC: Finish the first draft of SF. When done, set aside. (No revision allowed until 1 month after completion date.)
  1. Work on writing projects a minimum of 5 days / week. 2 days so far. That’s Monday and Tuesday. Not bad progress. Not bad at all. Now if I can only continue to write during my work breaks instead of knit or read or play cell phone games, we’ll be all set.
  2. Visit and comment on a minimum of 7 other ROW blogs / week. So far I’m making progress. I’ve visited (& commented on) three ROW blogs to date.
  3. Write a minimum of 3 blog posts / week. At least one of these should be a ROW update. With this post, I’ll have made my three for the week and we’re only on Wednesday! And two of the three were ROW. Hopefully I’ll still get at least one more for the week (a book review on Friday or Saturday) but we’ll still have to see about that one.

Not bad for a Wednesday ROW check-in. And there’s still the knitting progress to show off!

Well, what I can show you, anyway. There’s one project that isn’t getting shown at all until after it gets gifted. But, there is progress. (Not on the Sweetheart Sweater, either. I’m still thinking about my options for that one, and thinking that black dye will be needed. And so I am waiting until I can be patient with the project again, instead of annoyed at it, so that I have the best chance at success with it.)

BUT, there is a new project.

This was a “cast on so you don’t explode” situation, as my S’n’B calls it. This is a pair of mostly plain vanilla socks. But I’m using Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato Heel and star toe pattern from the Seeds in the Heart on Winter pattern. And I’ve gotten much farther than the picture shows: I’ve turned the heel on the first sock already. But I haven’t taken more than the one picture yet, so that’s all you get.

For the sock. You also get these shiny things:

I’ve been doing some more beading, too, mostly because Jen of Epbot posted about her latest experiments with resin jewelry and I HAD TO TRY IT. Looked so much fun. And you know what? It is. Here’s my go at it:

I got the metal bezels to use as forms instead of buying molds, because I figured they’d be easier and more forgiving. Now that I’ve used them – as long as the pendants turn out (they haven’t finished setting yet, and I may have overfilled a couple of them) – I will be buying some molds and making more things. Can you say Christmas presents? I can. This also has the potential for a fun project to do with my niece and my sister for a girls’ day in. Anyway, it’s been a good week so far. Hope yours has as well!


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