Monday Summary & ROW Check-In

It’s time for the first Sunday Monday Summary of ROW80 2014 Round 4! Yay! And I’m behind schedule already. No real surprise there. I haven’t gotten my schedule back in swing yet.

  1. OCT: Prepare SF (novel project codename) characters & plot for NaNoWriMo. Working on it. Mostly in my head, but still. I’m working on it.
  2. NOV: Write 50k words or more in SF.
  3. DEC: Finish the first draft of SF. When done, set aside. (No revision allowed until 1 month after completion date.)
  1. Work on writing projects a minimum of 5 days / week. Um. Nope. I did a few days’ worth in my head, but not five. And I spent even less time writing down what I was thinking of. So, progress, but not nearly as much as I want.
  2. Visit and comment on a minimum of 7 other ROW blogs / week. Nope. I’ve been visiting blogs, sure, but not ROW blogs. And I’ve been very bad about commenting this last week.
  3. Write a minimum of 3 blog posts / week. At least one of these should be a ROW update. This one I did. Hooray! One out of three ain’t bad…

So for this week coming up, I am going to need to really get my head in the game. I need to focus. October is nearly half-way through, and I haven’t come close to plotting out SF yet. I’ll get there, though. I have a really good image of what I want the book to be in my head, and it’s exciting. Part of the reason it’s so exciting is because it’s so different than my usual. This one, if I do it right, will be a thriller. I’ve never written a thriller before. And the fantasy/supernatural element will be barely there. This is so not my usual genre, but it’s the story that’s begging to be written right now.

And that means I need to listen. Let’s do this thing!


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