WIP Weds ~ Two-fer

It’s time for another WIP Weds!

And this time, I’m going to start combining my WIPs again – writing along with the knitting. Because it’s now the ROW Round 4 for 2014, and since this is the Round that includes NaNoWriMo, I’m going to be participating in both again. At least for these next 3 months. We’ll see how it goes from there. (Well, okay. The ROW officially starts on October 6th, so I won’t be giving a progress report yet. But I will give my goals in this post to get myself in the habit of Weds Writing check-ins.)


Knitting first this week. Because there has been progress there. I’m sure I’ll vary knitting and writing first in future depending on which I am more excited to talk about.

I’ve gotten most of the sleeve cap on the first sleeve of the Sweetheart Sweater done. But this has been my most cursed knitting project ever (and that’s counting the sweater I knit about 10 years ago that was the length appropriate for a ten-year-old, and the width appropriate for an elephant). So I’m not showing you a progress picture of how far I’ve gotten.

Instead, here’s a photo of the change from the 2 strands of Kidsilk Night (sparkly yarn) to 1 strand each of Kidsilk Night and Kidsilk Haze (non-sparkly yarn). The 1 strand each was what the whole thing was supposed to be, as you may recall, while the 2 strands of the same type was my emergency fix for running out of the main color yarn.

I’m not going to talk about how I still think I will have enough yarn to finish or how I’m still enjoying the knit or how I think this may actually fit me when it’s finished. I don’t need to bring the knitting gods down on me any more than I already have with this thing.


And now for the writing goals for #ROW80 Round 4:


1. OCT: Prepare SF (novel project codename) characters & plot for NaNoWriMo.

2. NOV: Write 50k words or more in SF.

3. DEC: Finish the first draft of SF. When done, set aside. (No revision allowed until 1 month after completion date.)


1. Work on writing projects a minimum of 5 days / week.

2. Visit and comment on a minimum of 7 other ROW blogs / week.

3. Write a minimum of 3 blog posts / week. At least one of these should be a ROW update.

Unlike past Rounds, I’m not doing any personal goals for this time around. Sometimes those have worked for me, and sometimes they got in the way of the progress I wanted to focus on. I will have the personal goals in my own mind as I plan out my schedule for these next three months, but I don’t need to use those as a justification for not getting writing work done.

I keep saying I want to be a working writer. Well, it IS work. It’s fun, too, but it’s not playtime. It’s time I stopped playing at it, and started working at it.

One thought on “WIP Weds ~ Two-fer

  1. Lorraine says:

    Nicole- Oooh! Sparkles!

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