10 on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday ~ Zoom Zoom

The Ten on Tuesday topic for September 23rd is 10 Cars You Have Had. Vroom vroom!

This one will be fun, but extremely difficult for me to come up with a list of ten. I have only owned 4 vehicles to date. But let’s have some fun with it, shall we?

  1. Mercedes Topaz (white) – This was the first car I ever bought. If I remember correctly, I bought it for $6,000 cash, and it turned out to be my poorest car choice. This was the last year Mercury made the Topaz, and they stopped making it because of electrical problems. In my defense, this was in the Time Before Smartphones, and it was a lot harder to look up information about specific cars quickly.
  2. Saturn SL2 (blue) – My parents had purchased a Saturn for Mom’s “drive around town” car, and I liked driving it when I was home visiting from college. It seemed reliable – or at least more reliable than my Mercury – so when the electrical finally died on my Topaz, I bought a Saturn.
  3. Chevy Camaro (T-Top, Rally Sport, late ‘90’s model, I think) (deep green) – This was one of my Dream Cars. I’d always wanted a T-Top Camaro. (I have to admit that it was thanks to the Brooks & Dunn song.) So I got one. And it was a blast to drive. Less fun to deal with the seals on the roof and trunk, and the resultant water leakage that occurred due to said trouble with seals. Still. I’m super glad I had this car.
  4. 2008 Mazda 3 (blue!!) – This is my current car, and I love it too. Except for one little thing: it’s a manual transmission, and I’m getting really sick of driving a stick in commute traffic. Still, it’s a zippy little car, and so much fun to drive on an empty road where I can really play with the gears. I’ll miss it, but I’m ready to move on.

    And speaking of moving on… this is where I have to deviate from the prompt. That’s all the cars I’ve officially owned so far in my life, so now we start getting creative…
  5. 2015 MINI Cooper (metallic red) – This is my next car. Supposedly it’s on an ocean cruise right now, and will be Stateside pretty soon, and then I can have it. But until then, nothing’s official, and I don’t own it yet. All the same, I am so excited for this little cutie to get here.
  6. Buick something-or-other (silver) – I was supposed to get this car. It was my grandma’s and she barely drove it. The thing was in great condition. But before I got to driving age, my grandparents got older and to the point of being more trusting than they should have been, and it got sold off to some guy who proceeded to total it. So sad.
  7. Chevy Nova (green, white roof) – I don’t think this was ever “supposed” to be my car, but I wanted it to be. It was a fun little car. It didn’t age well enough to be handed down to me, though, not by a long shot. And the A/C was one of the things to break pretty early on (I don’t remember it ever working) so I probably wouldn’t have wanted it nearly as much once I was of driving age, anyway. Still, it had quite the engine in it…
  8. Buick Rivera (silvery-blue) – Not my car. (More of a boat, anyway. HUGE thing.) This was my grandpa’s car. But it’s the car I did over half of my driving practice in, and what I used to take my driver’s test. (Not a recommended experience. Yes, it might be safe for a kid to drive because there’s a bunch of metal around you for protection, but use something smaller for a driving exam.)
  9. Chevy Station Wagon (light blue) – Also not my car. This one was Mom’s, but it’s what I used for the rest of my driving lessons. It’s also one of the cars I have the most memories of from my childhood. Including one about the dog riding in the back of the wagon, leaning over the seat to where my sister and I were sitting, and then being sick. Luckily we were able to move away from his projectile angle, and didn’t get puked on.
  10. Tesla Model S (green?) – My current dream car. I can’t even come close to affording one of these (and we only have a one-car garage, so I’d need to usurp the space for charging purposes) but I really want one. It’s a Space Car! I want a Space Car. Plus, they look so cool and are eco-friendly, and man they have some power beneath the hood. It’ll have to remain a dream car until the price comes down quite a bit, though. That, or I need to win a really big lottery jackpot. (Guess I have to play for that to happen, though.)

What about you? Any particularly fun vehicles you have owned (or plan to)?


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