10 on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday ~ Falling

The Ten on Tuesday prompt for September 16th is 10 Things You Do To Get Your Home Ready for Fall.

Huh. Well, truth be told, I don’t do much to get the HOME ready for Fall. A few things, sure, but with: (1) no kids; (2) no school; and (3) no autumn décor, there’s just not much I need to do. However, there are things I do to get ME ready for Fall. I’ll include both of those things in this list.

1. Clean up. (This is one of the home things.) I almost do more of an autumn cleaning than a spring cleaning. Spring tends to feel like time to air the house out and clean up dust and dirt. Autumn feels like the time to get rid of unwanted things and prepare to hibernate. Even though we don’t (get to) actually hibernate.

2. Buy a bag of peppermint patties. This is for me. All for me, not for Trick-Or-Treaters. These are my reward for completing my daily goal in NaNoWriMo. Finish my word count, get a treat. It works wonders.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, Fall-prep time is when I:

3. Outline my NaNo story. Has to be done by the end of October. And I’m not in enough writing practice to be able to do this all DURING the Fall, so I have to start as early as I get inspired. (And I have to hunt down inspiration if it doesn’t come on its own.) Because it will take me that long.

4. Put out fall-colored towels. One of the few season décor-type things I have are towels. I don’t have all seasons, but I do have some of them, and I like to put out the towels. (I should get more. They’re fun.)

5. Winterize my car. New windshield wipers, make sure there’s a spare umbrella in the backseat, that kind of thing.

6. Review my Christmas gift list for red flags. IE, are there any gifts I was planning on making that I haven’t started yet? Get on those.

7. Try to plan where we will be for which holiday. So far it’s always been “the same as last year”, but with having my family on one coast and Mr. Wyrm’s on the other, I anticipate that there will be changes coming to the fall holiday planning one of these years. And sooner rather than later is my guess, even if my family does celebrate holidays much more – shall we say ebulliently – than Mr. Wyrm’s does.

8. Start wearing more handknits. This kind-of happens automatically as the weather gets colder, but it’s still something I have to remind myself to do at first since I store them on a different shelf of the closet than my other clothing.

9. Haunt Costco for chicken pot pies. LOVE their pot pies, but they’re seasonal. And they’re huge. One pie will practically feed me and Mr. Wyrm for an entire week. Yes, we get sick of pot pie by the time it’s gone. But that pesky “being sick of it” thing doesn’t last long, because they’re SO TASTY.

10. Plan all kinds of personalized, hand-made holiday cards. Usually starting with Halloween and continuing through Christmas. And then fail to complete even a tenth of the hand-made cards I’d intended. This has sadly become a tradition with me. I guess I should probably avoid trying to make Halloween and Christmas cards at the same point in time when I’m already trying to write a 50K word novel and finish the Christmas knitting…


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