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WiP Weds ~ Threes

It’s more than half-way through Wednesday, but that’s still plenty of time for a WIP Weds post! And I have plenty to show you today!

First, the oldest of my current WIPs:

This is the Sweetheart Sweater that I’ve been working on for ages. This is the first of the two sleeves, as you can kinda tell from all the increase markers along the edge there. (Fully shaped sleeves, yay. I’m not sure if this makes me happy or sad. Hopefully it will make the sweater FIT, but I don’t have enough sweater experience to know that for sure yet. Have to wait and see.)

I’ve been working on this off and on for years, though mostly off. Now, though, I plan to work on it until it’s done. There are three other things I’m allowed to work on while I’m working on this sweater, and I’m not letting myself cast on anything new until the sweater is done. (At least done being knit. We’ll see how I feel about the finishing once I get there.)

However, this is going to be only two other things I’m allowing myself to work on alongside the sweater very soon. Why, you ask? Because of this:

One of the three is almost done. (I’ve since finished the bind-off, and now it’s just waiting to have the ends sewn in, bath-time, and blocking.)

Unfortunately, that means that you won’t see any more of this project until after Christmas. Fortunately, it means that I am that much closer to having my Christmas gifts finished.

The second of the three hasn’t been touched in a while, because it’s knitting that needs a bit more focus than I’ve been giving my knitting lately. It’s the fox toy for my nephew, which I have no problem showing you in progress since he’s too young for it to matter if he sees the toy ahead of time in pictures. Besides, I don’t think my sister or brother-in-law read my blog, and I’d be just as happy to show my dad (the only family member who I KNOW FOR SURE reads the blog) the toy in person, so there’s no surprise element with this one.

The third of these projects is also a gift (they all are… I’m doing very little knitting for me right now, just the sweater) and so you won’t be seeing any details about it yet. And the pictures are no longer going to be of the whole thing at once, since that gives too much away about the project. But bits and pieces, such as this, are okay:

Fun color changes, huh? I’m really enjoying this knit. And while it looks complicated, it’s not that much. But it is a fun knit, and I think I will possibly be making another one of these once the first is finished, just to see how it works up with other yarns. We’ll see, though. There are so many projects I want to knit, that it has to be a really special one for me to knit it twice. While I’m loving the knit, I want to see the finished project before I decide on knitting a second one.

That’s it for me for now. How about you guys? Anything fun going on? And is anyone besides me thinking about Christmas gifts yet?


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