Labor Day Ten on Tuesday

The official Ten On Tuesday has been on hiatus for the end of summer, so I’m going to do my own Ten On Tuesday today, and tell you ten things I did over the Labor Day Holiday Weekend. Just for kicks, and because it’s been a while since I wrote a list for the blog. It feels like too long. So here you go: a list.

1. Played Skyrim. A lot. I love this game, and have been absorbed in it again lately. (I escaped for a while, but enjoy playing it too much, so I started a new game.)

2. Knit. On exclusively Christmas gifts. You’ll get to see a new one tomorrow, though that doesn’t mean I’ve finished either of the other two yet. (But I will, and shortly. I just needed a change of pace, and this was the best way to remain on-track for Christmas gifts instead of working on a non-gift project.)

3. Slept in, though not nearly enough. I had a hard time sleeping in too late, and due to staying up late playing Skyrim, this meant I didn’t get as much “extra” sleep as I normally like on holiday weekends. But it was enough.

4. Laundry. I know, boooo-ring. But necessary.

5. Went out for dinner with Mr. Wyrm to celebrate our dating anniversary. Great fun. We have a tradition of sharing a small dinner at PF Chang’s (first official date as bf/gf) and then getting cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory for dessert. Yum.

6. Fussed over the cat. Suzy is still either annoyed that we went to Disneyland without her, or convinced that if she doesn’t sit on us, we will leave her alone for a few days again.
7. Watched “Ghostbusters” at the cinema. Even at 30-years-old, it still looks good. (Except the really grainy “Columbia Pictures” screen that opens the film. That looked awful. But the film itself was good.) And the jokes and culture and everything still holds up. Love it!

8. Started watching a new (to us) anime: Noragami. It has a cute cat (Milord). And the cat is in the title of the first episode. We couldn’t help it.

9. Took more books to the library than I brought home. Strange, I know. But we had some donations to drop off, so…

10. Tried to catch up on my blog stuff. I didn’t do as much as I’d hoped, and I didn’t get much blog reading and commenting in, but I got some of it done. And I’m intending to do more throughout the week to get back in the habit of it.

I hope you had a good weekend, whether it was long or normal!


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