52 Books 2014: Week 34

The White Dragon (Dragonriders of Pern #3)
by Anne McCaffrey
(fantasy, dragons)

If you consider the Dragonriders of Pern to be a trilogy, then this is the conclusion to that trilogy. It is not, however, the conclusion to the larger series (which I feel also includes the Harper Hall trilogy and ALL THE WEYRS OF PERN). However, those other books don’t always focus on the dragonRIDERS as much as all of the people of Pern, so calling THE WHITE DRAGON the third book in the trilogy is not a bad idea.

Of the three books in the trilogy, I think this one is the best written. It follows Jaxom more exclusively than any of the other books followed any one person, so it is able to be more character-centric the way I like my books. Granted, it does still switch POV as needed to tell the story, and the characters from the first two books are still very much in evidence.

It really does amuse me to compare my reading comprehension of today with that of the first time I read this series. There are so many more things that I pick up on than I did then. The politics, the sexual undertones, the diplomacy… I understood it all at one level on my first read-through, but I understand it on so many more levels now. I wonder what new experiences I’ll bring to this story when I re-read it again (and again) in the decades to come?

And on a final note, when I re-read THE WHITE DRAGON this time, I had to buy a new copy before I did so. The prior version I had (which may or may not be the very first copy of it my parents bought long ago… I’m not sure) fell apart the last time that Mr. Wyrm re-read it. (And can I say how much I love the fact that the man I married also loves books the way I do? He reads at least as many books per year as I do, if not more. And he re-reads, and we enjoy some of the same books. So wonderful. I am so lucky that he is both a reader and a Disney Geek like me.) So, I had to buy a new copy, and luckily my favorite local bookstore had it on hand. You can never be sure with older books, even ones that are still as popular as the Pern series.

Speaking of my favorite local bookstore, they are currently in money troubles (gee thanks, Amazon… though I do admit that I like the mail order giant for some things, too). If you have the time to look, here’s a link to their Indiegogo fundraiser page. If you have the money to donate, I’m sure they’d appreciate that. But even just spreading the word is good. Or, how about this: next time you want to buy a book, go to your local store instead of Amazon. Yeah, you might have to drive to the store instead of having the book driven to you, but just think: you can be reading it TODAY instead of having to wait for the drones to drop it on your doorstep.


2 thoughts on “52 Books 2014: Week 34

  1. I love the Dragonriders of Pern… to a point. You know what I’m talking about. 🙂

    Anyway, I bought this in hardcover when it was released and I still have that copy. The hardcover was $8.95!!!

    • I do know what you’re talking about… It’s probably about the same point for me.

      I just finished re-reading the first two Harper Hall books, and one of them cost under $2 for the paperback.


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