From Yak To Cowl

Oooh, lookie here! A finished object!

Cowl FO

This is the Edelweiss Neckwarmer by Susanna IC. It’s meant to be done as a scarf-type neckwarmer, with buttons to hold it closed. I decided I wanted to seam it up and have it as a cowl. (I’m not 100% sure now that was the right idea, but we’ll have to wait for this fall/winter to be sure.)

I knit this cowl from yarn I spun during the 2014 Tour De Fleece. From start to finish (counting the spinning) this is one of the fastest projects I have ever made. It helps that the fiber was so enticing. It’s sparkly! And made up of so many different colors and fibers! In addition to the (sheep) wool, there are sparkly bits and even some yak wool. I can’t help but be intrigued by it. I will be buying more fiber from BohoKnitterChic, because this one was so fun to work with.

Cowl FO

The pattern was pretty simple, too. It was easy enough to memorize; the hardest part was remembering which row I ended on when I put the knitting down for a while. I got in the habit of stopping mid-row to make it easier to remember where I was. (NOT something I was taught to do when I learned how to knit… but it worked well enough for this project.)

Would I knit another of these cowls? Perhaps. If I had a small skein of something yummy that I wanted to show off, for instance. But I would probably knit it as a scarf-type neckwarmer as intended, to compare the difference between the way it was written and the slight mod I made to it.

Cowl FO

Here are the specs (and a link to my Ravelry project page):

PATTERN: Edelweiss Neckwarmer
YARN: “May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor” rolags from BohoKnitterChic, spun into a thick/thin yarn by yours truly
START & END DATES: July 12, 2014 to August 1, 2014
MODS: Only one: after knitting this as written, I seamed up the edge instead of sewing on buttons.


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