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WIP It Good

Today we’ll show off some new WIPs. I know, I’m not supposed to HAVE new WIPs. I’m supposed to be finishing up old ones. But I’ve done a pretty darn good job of that lately, and I really wanted to cast on something new last night. I couldn’t help it. And in addition to that, I started a new gift present over the weekend. (Those are allowed in my self-imposed limitation to new knitting projects.)

Let’s start with the newest, shall we?

This is the “Cats Will Play” shawl by Jaala Spiro. No one else has knit this pattern yet, so we’ll see how well the knitting goes. It’s a cute pattern, and when I saw it and there was just about the right required yardage for my handspun yarn from Kitty Mine Craft fiber, I decided it was meant to be. Hopefully there’s been enough editing of the pattern that there are no errors. (However, it does look like an easy enough pattern that it shouldn’t be a problem. I know, famous last words.)

(I took the above photo at night, under artificial lighting. It doesn’t show the white nearly as well as natural light will. And there is no photo in the world that can show JUST HOW SOFT this fiber / yarn is.)

And then here’s the one I started over the weekend:

Miss Fanny the Fabulous Fox by Mary Jo Martinek

This is a fox kit that I won from the Yarn Harlot’s karmic balancing gifts from her Bike Rally… last year, I think. I had intended to make it for my new nephew’s first Christmas, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I hope to have it finished for his second Christmas. (That should work okay. It’s a sock-weight fox, so it’s knitting up pretty quickly.)

And last but certainly not least, one of the WIPs that has been in my WIP basket longest:

Sweetheart Cardigan from Lacy Little Knits

I’m really loving this one again. Hopefully that love will last all the way through to see it finished. And soon. I’d love to wear this sweater this fall. (But I’ve had this in the WIP basket for years, so…) To be fair, the first reason this stalled out was because I decided a sweater out of lace-weight mohair was meant only for insane knitters. And the second reason it stalled was because I became positive that I was going to run out of yarn, and the sweater got put on a time out.

Now, though, I have gotten more yarn from one of my knitting friends, and I’ve switched from my original needles (I tried several, but I think I cast on with bamboo… not the best choice AT ALL for this project) to some nice ChiaoGoo needles which are finally pointy enough to manage the many SKP stitches. And I think this sweater may actually get finished in 2014. I’ll try not to jinx myself.

Looking at these, you may think there’s one missing. In some respects, there is. I’ve decided that I’m not going to be finishing the Kitri tsocks any time soon. In fact, I may never finish them. I got maybe 2 inches into sock #2, and just got fed up with the splitty yarn and the pattern. I love the way it looks, but knitting what amounts to ribbing (while knitting through the back loops) just got on my nerves. I have one tsock completed, and it will stay that way. I’m not going to rip it out. I’ll even go so far as to put the start of the second tsock on waste yarn so that if I ever change my mind I can start back where I left off. But I’m considering it in a permanent hibernation at this point, and I think it’s going to stay that way. This isn’t how I’d planned to get projects out of my WIP basket, but it is still a legitimate way to do so…


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