10 on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday ~ Waiting

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “10 Things To Do In A Waiting Room.” I’m hoping that the prompt author didn’t have any bad reason for coming up with this one.

Here’s my list. Do you have any additions for me? Things that I can add to my arsenal to stave off boredom?

1. Knit. This one should be obvious to anyone who reads this blog…

2. Read. Another obvious choice.

3. Play games on my iDevice. I probably do too much of this, because I could be reading or knitting instead. Or I could also…

4. Write (stories). This one is harder in a waiting room, because there’s always the hope of getting interrupted, and I personally find it very hard to get involved in my writing when I WANT to be interrupted.

5. Write (letters). This one is easier, as it doesn’t matter if I get interrupted.

6. Crochet. Doesn’t happen often, since my current crochet projects are too big to be very portable, but it happens sometimes.

7. Catch up on Facebook or Twitter. I’ve been mostly ignoring them lately, and I don’t really miss them. But I do like keeping up with my friends’ goings on, so I haven’t gotten rid of them entirely.

8. Read news stories online. I don’t do a whole lot of this from my phone, which is what I usually have with me, because the screen’s smaller than I like for comfort. But I do some.

9. Plan the rest of my day. I am a list-maker. And sitting around waiting for things to happen is a good time to spend time working on my to-do list.

10. People-watch. Maybe not the most socially acceptable thing to do in a waiting room, as people often like to pretend they have some privacy. (That really depends on the waiting room, though. I feel guiltier people-watching at the hospital than the DMV, for instance.) But in either case, it is still a public spot, and I’m allowed to watch people if I want to.


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