10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ Repeat

Today’s Ten On Tuesday prompt is “10 Patterns You Could Knit Again . . . and again and again!” This one is kinda hard for me. There are very few knitting patterns that I repeat. There are a few, however, that I have repeated. And there are a few others that I want to knit again…

1. Damson. I knit one of these for myself, and one for my sister. I’ve thought about making another, but with larger yarn or some other variation that would make it larger.
2. Monkey socks. I’ve only knit one pair, which then stretched out and no longer fit me. So I want to make another, but haven’t yet gotten there…
3. Peasant top. I’ve knit two of these, also. Again one for me and one for my sister. I’d love to make another that I lengthened so that it’s no longer a crop-top and I feel comfortable wearing it NOW… I haven’t worn mine in ages. 😦
4. Plain vanilla socks. These could be knit again and again and again, and the yarn will keep them interesting.
5. Noro entrelac socks. Another sock pattern that could be repeated with different yarn to make it fun.
6. Lazy Katy shawl. Or, really, any of Birgit’s shawls (though I’ve only knit the one so far). They’re lovely. I made one of these for a gift to a friend of mine because I loved the way my first one (which I AM KEEPING) turned out.
7. Annis Shawl. One I get past the cast-on, that is. I think I’ve made two of these, also, one being a gift to someone or other.
8. Serpentine mitts. These seem to be a very flexible mitt, which will fit a wide variety of hands. Great for gifting.
9. Mini Totoro toys! As with any small toy, it can be a little fiddly, but for any fan of My Neighbor Totoro, this is a must-knit.
10. Susie’s Reading Mitts. This is a bit of a stretch, since I haven’t actually knit it yet. But I’ve been wanting to for ages, and it looks like the kind of pattern that I could make tons of before tiring of.


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