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TdF Thursday

So, there has been knitting, but not a whole lot of it. And the knit teaser that I showed you last Wednesday has been essentially finished, so you won’t get to see that one again until I sew up the ends and write its FO post. I should be able to have another (knitting) WIP Weds next week, but for now let’s celebrate the Tour De Fleece.

I’ve been doing a lot of spinning lately, especially compared to usual. I wouldn’t be surprised if over the past couple weeks I have doubled my life-time spinning output. The fun thing is watching the evenness of my spinning improve as the TdF goes on. It’s still all definitely done by a relative novice, but now it’s much more balanced with itself. Instead of being a randomly thick & thin yarn like the first yarn I spun this month, my current project is a good sport weight yarn with only minor fluctuations.

Speaking of that first yarn I spun for the 2014 Tour De Fleece, here it is:
This is the “May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor” fiber from BohoKnitterChic. It was a part of the Phat Fiber sampler box in February – and while I didn’t get the sampler box, I saw the fiber online and loved it, so decided to buy some.

Spinning it was a new thing for me, since I’d never spun from rolags before. Rolags are rolled-up fiber that looks a little like cigars or sausage curls, for those of you who didn’t know. You spin them from one end, and in my experience it was really had to control which bits of fiber got pulled into the yarn at which point. This was fine with me, since a completely random yarn was kinda what I was going for, but if I’d been trying to spin to a plan it would have bugged me.
The second yarn I spun was another Phat Fiber seller, though I bought this one long ago. I don’t know how long this fiber has been in my stash. It’s from Tamara of Spincerely Yours, and was a standard wool roving. I tried for a more even yarn with this one, and succeeded, though it was still a bit uneven at times. Love the colors, though, but I will need to remember that they bled a bit when I washed the finished yarn.
And here is the third finished yarn I have from this year’s TdF. It’s an art batt from Kitty Mine Crafts, and was enjoyable to spin up. Like the rolags I spun at the beginning of the TdF, though, I had the darndest time controlling where the bits of color showed up in the yarn. Not too much of a problem, though it was a little frustrating to go from long stretches of white to parts where there were two or three colors of banana silk together. Ah well.

I have more of this on order, because I wanted enough to knit a shawlette with it. I’m really looking forward to that – it was a nice fluffy batt to work with. I want to wear it and snuggle into it.
Finally (for today), here’s a picture of my current spinning project. This is a wool roving from Sprouty25, which I have been spinning up in tin singles and chain-plying together so that I can control the color shifts. I’m REALLY pleased with how this turned out. It’s my most even spinning yet, though you can’t quite tell from the photos. It’s also the only yarn that I’ve gotten to do what I want color-wise. (I usually don’t bother trying, but still.) I still have a little over half of this left to spin up, and I’m enjoying the process. It makes me look forward to the next roving that I’ll be able to play with the color, though I don’t know yet what that will be or how I will play with it.

Anyway, I’ve been having a fun week at home. Hope you have too!


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