WIP Weds ~ of Tours and Tsocks

Welcome to another WIP Weds! Today there is knitting again, though there is also more spinning.

First up, some of the spinning.
The Tour de Fleece is still going strong, and this year (for once) I didn’t wimp out after the first few days. The above is a picture of some yarn I spun up from fiber I got from Spincerely Yours. This is the Chantico colorway, and it’s a superwash merino. It spins up beautifully.
I’ve also gotten some fiber from Kitty Mine Crafts, and have started spinning that too. It’s an art batt, white wool with colorful bits of banana silk blended in for interest.

Next up, some knitting.
This is the second of the Kitri socks by the Tsarina of Tsocks, a project which has been in my WIP bag for a LONG time. I’m not going to admit how long (until I finally finish them and write their FO post). But suffice to say that one way to get past the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome is to knit one sock, put the project bag aside until you have forgotten how the knitting went on the first one, and then knit the second sock. It’s like knitting a brand-new sock pattern!

Anyway. So far so good. And this is my current travel knitting, so hopefully it won’t take too long to finish. I really want to get my WIP list manageable this year so I can start new projects guilt-free.

Um. Did I say “start new projects guilt-free”?


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