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WIP Weds ~ Spin With Me

It’s WIP Wednesday! But I have no knitting to show you. (There has been knitting… and frogging. I’ve been knitting the “And So Are You” shawl, which I love, and hope to have done in not too terribly long. And I frogged the Chevron Gauntlets that were in my WIP bag for way too long. They were too small, so I frogged them and restarted in the bigger of the 2 sizes. And then they were too big. I need to find a new yarn for that pattern, and a new pattern for that yarn. But the combo isn’t working with my hand size and knitting tension.)

Anyway. I do have a WIP to show you, because it’s time for the Tour De Fleece! Yay!


I don’t spin very often. I would like to spin more. But this year, at least, I am trying to get some serious spinning progress during the Tour de Fleece. (And for those who don’t know, yes: this is related to the Tour de France. Theoretically we’re supposed to spin our wheels while we watch the cyclists spin theirs. But many of us – possibly most of us, me included – spin for the sake of the fiber and don’t care much about the bicycle race.)

So anyway, this year I started the TdF with some absolutely luscious fiber. This is a set of rolags blended by BohoKnitterChic (you can find her on Etsy, ) in a Hunger Games inspired colorway named “May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.” It’s sparkly and soft and wonderful.


This is the first time I’ve spun using rolags, and one of the first times I really tried using the long draw. It took a while to get used to it, but I liked it when I got a rhythm going. My homespun yarn is still always thick and thin, though, never as smooth as store-bought. Some say that’s a good thing because it shows character. I’m going to go with that.


So there were six rolags in this batch, and I spun each one up as a singles and then plied two together. Which means I have 3 skeins of this soft bouncy yarn. Love it.

I was originally hoping to make a sweater out of this, but it looks like she can’t do custom orders right now (and there’s no more of this in the shop, since I bought it too long ago) so I’ll have to make something else. Maybe a cowl. It would be a MARVELOUS cowl.


Anyway, this is spinning project #1 for the 2014 Tour de Fleece. I’m already more successful than I have been for prior TdFs, since I actually finished a batch of fiber this time. But I’m hoping to be much more successful than this, even, and get some more stuff spun up. I have a nice stash of spinning fiber just waiting for me…


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