10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ Sides

Today’s Ten On Tuesday prompt is “10 Favorite Summer Side Dishes.” Some examples were potato salad and grilled veggies. And so now (even though I love eating them – if someone else makes them) I don’t feel like including them on my list.

Actually, let’s see if I can do this as 10 favorite summer side dishes THAT I’M OKAY WITH MAKING. That will narrow it down a bit, but also makes sense to me. Here goes…

1. Corn on the cob. The simple version, since I rarely pull out the charcoal grill. (Read: we’ve used it once in the entire time since it was given to Mr. Wyrm.) I like to prepare corn best the simplest way: clean it and boil it. Yum.

2. Fruit salad. Best in the spring or summer since that’s when most of my favorite fruits are in season.

3. Potatoes Romanov. This is a warm potato salad that ends up at most of my family gatherings. I love it in any season. (I think it’s about time to make it.) And strangely, it almost tastes better to me in hot weather than cold. (Seems backwards, but there it is.)

4. 7 layer salad. The kind with iceberg lettuce, frozen peas, diced bell pepper, and other yummies in it. Looks really pretty, too.

5. Chips and guac. As I’ve gotten older I have developed a love of guacamole. (Avocado by itself isn’t so good. But add lemon juice and salsa, and I love it.)

6. Hummus and a veggie tray. So good. I have been known to make this side dish into my lunch before.

7. Potato chips Okay, I don’t make these, but I buy them ready to eat. And they’re another “favorite any time of year” item.

8. Sautéed Brussels sprouts. I found a recipe online that is super simple – it just uses olive oil to caramelize the sprouts, then some basic seasonings (I usually just use salt & pepper) and shredded cheese (my go-to is parmesan) sprinkled over the top moments before serving. So good.

9. Steamed squash. I love steamed squash, especially now that I have a steamer to do the cooking for me. So much easier than trying to get the timing right in a dark pot that I can’t see into without messing up the steam.

10. Fruit-infused water. Not sure this is a side dish, but it’s yummy. And it’s a lot less sugary than lemonade, and at least as quenching. My current pitcher is filled with strawberry mint infused water. I like using basil and raspberries, too, but I haven’t done much experimenting. (Why mess with something that’s working?)

What about you? Any favorite summer side dish recipes that I should try?


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