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WIP Weds

So, last week I had a finished sweater to show you. This week we’ll go back to the WIPs.

First up, something I don’t have a recent picture of at the moment: my current laceweight shawl project, “And So Are You.”

I love this project. It’s nice yarn, and a pattern that’s both interesting enough and simple enough to be everyday knitting. The knitters among you will know what I mean. For the rest of you: it means I can knit it any time. I don’t have to focus on it extra carefully, the way I would with a super-intricate pattern. But I also don’t get bored while knitting it, which might turn it into exclusively TV knitting. It’s a good middle-ground pattern like that. And the yarn is interesting enough to help, yet isn’t so stripey as to pool or flash or anything that would be unattractive in this pattern.

Also in progress are the Dragonfly Socks.
I’m still enjoying these, too. They’re a pretty fast knit, in no small measure because the yarn is so fabulous. Great stuff. Just the right amount of bouncy and soft. I think they’ll still wear well, too, though only time will tell with that one.

And I’m starting on a new project, a crochet scarf that I’ll be gifting to a friend once it’s done. Or, at least, I’m gifting the knitting time. He offered to pay me the yarn cost, and I may take him up on that.

No picture yet, but it’s going to be a bacon scarf. The finished projects look great, but the pattern itself isn’t. Isn’t a pattern, that is. (I knew this very early on, though slightly after I agreed to do this. Ah well.) What this is, is a guideline. It’s a layout of the colors, cross-stitch pattern style. I haven’t started crocheting it yet, because I’m still turning the layout into a useable crochet pattern. (And it’s going to be crochet because I am not willing to do that much intarsia knitting for my husband, let alone a friend, no matter how good a friend.)

So those are my current WIPs. What’s that? There’s something missing, you say? Oh, you mean this?
Stay tuned.


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