Ten on Tuesday ~ They Say It’s Your Birthday!

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “10 Ways To Wish Someone A Happy Birthday.” Fun fun!

1. Say, “happy birthday.” Sometimes simple is best.

2. Post on their Facebook wall.

3. Text them! “Happy birthday” if you’re feeling traditional, but feel free to get creative.

4. Sing to them. Either the traditional song or any one of the many others.

5. Throw a surprise party. Though it is usually a good idea to figure out how well received this would be before doing it.

6. Flowers. Flowers are always good. Especially for girls, but it can work either way.

7. Go out drinking! Alcoholic or non. Doesn’t matter. Birthday wine and birthday milkshakes are equally fun, just different.

8. Cake. Always cake.

9. Send a card! There’s not enough real mail these days.

10. Just spend time together. The gift of your time is the best one you can give.

One thought on “Ten on Tuesday ~ They Say It’s Your Birthday!

  1. Lorraine says:

    Nicole- I’d be down with the cake, but the surprise party, not so much.

    Every party needs a pooper.

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