Ten On Tuesday ~ In Concert

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “10 Bands (or individuals) You Have Seen In Concert.” Hmm. I don’t know if I have seen that many bands. Then again, what counts as a “band or individual”? Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m coming up with several names, but I’m not sure they all fit into what most people would include. I’ll just write them down here in the order I think of them, and we’ll see.

1. Brooks & Dunn ­ – (this was from my country phase in college)

2. Rockapella ­ – (I’ve always enjoyed their music, and want to get to more of their concerts eventually)

3. Clay Walker ­ – (also from my college country phase)

4. Garth Brooks ­ – (still more from my college country phase)

5. The Bobs ­ – (another acapella group I like, though not as much as Rockapella)

6. The King’s Singers ­ – (possibly my second favorite acapella group, though as the members are constantly changing, it’s hard to say whether they’re a favorite or not… I like some of the retired members better than some of the guys I saw perform)

7. Eddie Izzard ­ – (I’m counting comedians, or at least THIS comedian, because he’s awesome and it was at a concert venue)

8. various choirs and orchestras ­ – (too many to remember all of the names)

9. The Swingle Singers ­ – (another favorite acapella group)

10. The Edlos ­ – (yet another acapella group… sensing a theme here yet?)

I am satisfied that counts as 10, now that I look at them all. In fact, given #8, I think it counts as more than ten. 🙂 Come to that, I also just remembered that I saw Faith Hill & Tim McGraw in concert together (in my college years). So it’s definitely 10+.


2 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday ~ In Concert

  1. Let’s see, I can think of two that you forgot:
    11. The Beach Boys (in concert at Candlestick Park)
    12. The Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh (well, it IS a band!!!)

    • Ooh, I forgot about those! (Obviously.) I also saw the Beach Boys performing a private concert for someone else on one of the Monterey beaches… that probably counts, too.

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