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Ten On Tuesday ~ Memorial Day Weekend

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for today is “10 Things You Did This Weekend.” Well. That should be easy… I’m counting “this weekend” as starting on Friday, okay? It was a long weekend for everyone, but a longer weekend for me because I took some extra time off. (The items in this list are not chronological.)

1. I went to Disneyland. (And no one is really surprised.)

2. We joined the crazy people who were at Disneyland for the 24-hour party. The parks (both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure on this coast, plus at least Magic Kingdom in Florida) were open from 6am Friday to 6am Saturday. It was so much fun, but so crazy. We were in the parks for a total of about 20 hours of those 24 — we took a couple hour nap in the afternoon, but other than that we were there the entire time.

3. I spent Monday relaxing. And letting other people cook for me, mostly.

4. We rode the Mark Twain at 4:30am. Very cool to see the Rivers of America at night.

5. I knit! Lots. Always a nice way to spend a holiday weekend.

6. There was also some cleaning up. It’s a must-do after any vacation, and on most weekends period. But I managed to temper the cleaning with fun and relaxation.

7. I scheduled a massage. For today, as a matter of fact. Wonderful.

8. I got attacked by the cat. (Love attacked. She sat on me, purring, and wouldn’t get up.) She doesn’t like when we go on vacation, but it does mean that we get more than usual affection when we get back.

9. I remembered our fallen. I am proud to have members of my family in the military (both past and current), but I am also glad that so far none of them have had to make that ultimate sacrifice. (I don’t think it’s selfish to hope that none of them do, even while I am proud of their service.)

10. I saw it’s a small world at 5:30am. It was so pretty. I’m sad that there was so much cloud cover that we didn’t get any decent sunrise shots, but it was still neat being in the park from dawn to dawn.



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