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52 Books 2014: Week 21

(Late again. Sorry. Tomorrow’s 10 on Tuesday post will give you an idea why, though.)

Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy #2)
Jennifer Estep
(YA, mythology, contemporary fantasy)

This second book in the Mythos Academy series is just as fun as the first. Perhaps more so, since the main character isn’t bemoaning the fact that she’s stuck in this new school with “warrior whiz kids” where she doesn’t belong. Yes, there is still some thought that she might not belong here quite as much as the others, but she’s at least starting to accept her place in the mythological world that she’s been thrown into. (Quite a nice change from some other series I could name — but won’t — in which the main character never stops complaining.)

I think I enjoyed this one more than the first one, in part because of that fledgling acceptance. I also enjoyed the wolf who shows up here and there during the book. (You will too, trust me.) And as in the first book, I figured out some of the mysteries and had others blindside me. I suspect this will be a common thread in the series.

Favorite parts… I like seeing Gwen develop more friendships. I like seeing her start to figure out more of what her magic is capable of. And I like seeing a more human side to some of the professors.

Least favorite parts… the writing is still a little teen-oriented for me. (But since I’m not a teen, and this was written for a YA audience, this is not meant to be a knock on the book. It’s written for its target audience, and I happen to enjoy it as well. I think any adult who likes the genre and is willing to remember this will enjoy the books too.) I also have to remind myself that many teens are more into the sex and alcohol thing than I was at that age. There is quite a bit of it going on in this series, though Estep does make comments here and there about why it’s more prevalent at Mythos than at Gwen’s prior school. (And the reasoning makes sense, but I was rather prudish in school and so this is nothing like my personal high school experience.) I also have to remember that the Mythos Academy ages span into college-age students (or at least I think they do), and the kids’ activities do fit in a lot better with what I experienced in college.

But, all told, this is a really fun series and I will be continuing it. (As you’ll see on Friday, I’ve already read book 3. I read about 1/3 – 1/2 of this book and all of book 3 in one evening. They’re fun reads.)


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