WIP Weds ~ Birthday WiPs

This is my birthday week! Yay! So, I spent some time doing crafting for *me* instead of gifts. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Needle felting a hedgehog in a watering can! So much fun. Even if the hedgie looked more like a guinea pig at first.

Also a needle felted root beer float! I tried to felt a straw using a pipe cleaner and some wool, but it wasn’t very nice to me, so I just used plastic straws instead. I need to get the hang of felting on wire/pipe cleaners though if I want to make animals. The good ones of those use wire armatures for the skeletons.

And there has also been for-me knitting!

This is “And So Are You”, which was a birthday present (yarn + pattern) from one of my good knit-buddies a couple years ago. I’m not sure why I waited to cast it on, but I did. Finally started it this past New Year’s, and I really enjoy it so far. It’s getting big really fast, though. You do increases on EVERY row at this point. The cast-off is going to take ages, when I eventually get to that point. But in the meantime, I’m just enjoying the knitting process.

Happy hump day, everyone!


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