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52 Books 2014: Week 20

Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy #1)
by Jennifer Estep
(YA, contemporary fantasy, audiobook)

This is an audiobook that has been in my purchasing queue for some time now. (I know. Audible calls it a “wish list.” I call it “where I store my cart so I don’t accidentally purchase books before I have the available credits.”) I’m a little surprised it took me so long to buy it, since it’s by an author I enjoy (from her Elemental Assassin series) and a theme I love (regular kid gets plunked into a world where myths are real).

I’m glad I did end up listening to this first one. I may buy more of the audiobooks, or I may just read the paper books. I had no problems with the narrator, but no reason I HAVE to continue listening instead of reading them for myself. (As a side note, one series I MUST listen to now is Hearne’s Iron Druid series. Luke Daniels is the perfect narrator for that series. Tara Sands, who narrates the Mythos Academy series, is good, but not in as essential a way. Maybe it’s partly because I’m better with the pronunciations of the names of Greek gods than the Celtic ones…)

Regardless. I really enjoyed this book. I found myself rolling my eyes a bit at the frequency of the use of certain words and phrases (foremost among them: “Gypsy gift” and “Valkyrie princess”), but it was very enjoyable. And I do like the premise, a lot. As a quick rundown for those who haven’t read it, the basic premise is that the old gods and goddesses are real, and way back when they created Champions to defend the world for them because they’d all made a truce among themselves which forbade them from interfering directly. The descendants of these Champions are still living today, (some of them are Champions themselves) and their kids are attending Mythos Academy in order to learn how to become warriors for the gods.

It’s a fun concept. And – even with those few phrases that bugged me – it’s enjoyably written. The language does have a very YA feel, especially as read by Tara Sands. She gets the teenage snark down PERFECTLY, which both made it a good book to listen to, and probable that I won’t be getting the audiobooks for the rest of the series. I can only handle so much snark coming from someone other than myself.


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