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52 Books 2014: Week 19

(Yet another delayed book review. Sorry about that.)

At Knit’s End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much
by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
(knitting humor, audiobook)

I have reviewed other books by the Yarn Harlot before, both written and spoken. This won’t be like any of those others.

I believe this was her first book. At least, as far as a quick Google search can turn up, it was. And – without me sounding too snarky – it shows. She hadn’t yet found her voice for books. She was already blogging by that point (and her blog has grown as her blogging voice has matured as well). But this book, instead of being filled mostly by the longer pieces that her current books contain, has a lot of quotes and shorter anecdotes.

It is fun, don’t get me wrong. But approach it more like one of the “all I need to know I learned from…” books instead of one of the later Yarn Harlot books. It is a different style.

And as this different style, it is a lot less easy to listen to than her other offerings. Since the quotes and Stephanie’s prose are all shorter than usual, it’s harder to distinguish between them immediately. Often I wouldn’t realize that it WAS a quote I was listening to until it was over and the attribution was being given.

While I do still love listening to Stephanie’s books in her own voice, this particular one is a book I would recommend reading for yourself instead of listening to the audiobook version of it. It will make the transitions between the segments much easier to catch, so you will probably enjoy it more.


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