Ten on Tuesday ~ Still Learning

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “Ten Things (Or Subjects) You Wish You Knew More About.” Hmm. This could be fun. I’ll have to reference this list from time to time and see about expanding my knowledge of these things. Because you should never stop learning.

1. More languages part 1: Japanese. Two reasons for this: first, we want to visit Tokyo Disneyland and be able to understand all of the things being said, and not just the stuff in English. Second, we’ve been watching a fair amount of anime lately, and I want to be able to understand them without supertitles or the dubbed version.

2. Space. Because it’s cool.

3. History. I had one good history teacher in my entire high school career. Fortunately she taught American History and I learned a lot about that (minus the dates of things, because I suck at memorizing that kind of trivia), but one good teacher just isn’t enough to learn about the world’s history.

4. More languages part 2: Spanish. I took 4 years of Spanish in school, during which I learned how to ask for directions to the bathroom and what color that girl’s dress was. But practical Spanish – aka the kind I need to use now at work was neglected.

5. Shaping knitted garments. I follow patterns when I knit, which means that when it comes time for the shaping I do what it says. But this also means that I don’t get as custom a fit as I could. I’d like to work on this so I can really make it worthwhile to make my own sweaters instead of buying them.

6. Computer software and the like. So that I can better understand what Mr. Wyrm is talking about when he talks about his work.

7. Current car options. I’ve been trying not to think about it too much, but it’s going to be time for me to get a new car sooner rather than later. And I want to make a smart decision this time (unlike my first few cars, I think I did a good job of researching last time, and I’d like to repeat that instead of the totally avoidable lemon purchase from car #1 or the “I want this sports car and I don’t care what the gas mileage is” of car #3) so I need to stop procrastinating and start looking.

8. More languages part 3: ASL. I took the only available sign language class at my university, and always wanted to learn more, but never took the time to learn it. This should be easy to fix. If I take the time.

9. Disney history. I know a fair amount about current Disney stuff, and some about the history. But I love the whole package, and when I’m around my fellow Disney geeks I don’t know as much of the history or as many of legends as I want to.

10. Book publishing. This is self defense. If I want to become a published author, I need to know more about the process than I currently do. (I also need to write a publishable novel. Working on that.)


2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday ~ Still Learning

  1. Your HS Spanish sounds about as successful as mine…not, LOL. I never took ASL but had a friend who did and I picked up a lot from her but, like you, I never took the time to learn more. Thanks for reminding me to look in to that 🙂

    Great list Nicole!

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