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WIP Weds ~ Dragonflies

This will be just a quick WIP post today, because you’ve already seen the dragonfly socks lately and I don’t have any other WIPs to show off.


That’s the absolute most current progress photo. I’m so in love with these socks! They are a fast knit and wonderful yarn. The pattern isn’t getting totally lost in the yarn variegation, either.

Plus, I have a new Jessalu bag that they’re stored in now! (This bag fits in my new purse a lot better than any of the other ones. So my purse knitting is going to live in this bag, while my other projects — the ones that travel in my larger Knitting Bag or that stay at home — will be in the rest of my project bags. Not that I have a shortage of bags in which to store my WIPs. (Or a shortage of WIPs to use them for…)


Anyway, I’m finally experimenting with something I’ve wanted to try for a while now. I’m doing the gusset on the sole of the foot a la Turtlegirl’s version. (I’ve done something very like this once before when the pattern was written this way. But Turtlegirl’s version is something meant to use for modifying patterns with traditional gusset heels.) Technically I’m doing her double gusset heel, but you know. Details. I’ll share more on this when I’m done with one or both of the socks.It seems good so far, though.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!


3 thoughts on “WIP Weds ~ Dragonflies

  1. Totally love this bag! So practical! I’ve been somewhat obsessed with knitting bags lately. Well, more than usual. And these socks are fantastic! Love it yarn so much!

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