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WordPress Woes

Just a quickie post today… I’ve been lately more and more annoyed with WordPress. I love so many aspects of it, but adding pictures that I don’t upload to WP has gotten increasingly difficult and stupid. I really don’t like the hoops they are making jump through. Between what WP allows me to do (this is the free version) and how Flickr is now providing links for sharing images, I get ticked off every time I try to do a picture-heavy post. Even three pictures now is “too many” for me to be happy about adding to a post the way I have been.

So. Any suggestions? New photo providers or blog hosts or both? Even (or especially) opinions on whether the paid version of WordPress is worth it would be much appreciated. I’ve tried Blogger before and would both consider going back, and would be hesitant to do so. (Variety of reasons.) Still. Opinions of all kinds are great. What do you guys use for blogging / pictures, and do you like how it works?


2 thoughts on “WordPress Woes

  1. is much more flexible and customizable than or Blogger, in my opinion. I’ve used them all (as well as several other blogging platforms) and I find my site the easiest to use day-to-day by far. It may be a bit more work, especially initially, because you have access to (and thus more control over) everything pertaining to your site. But, for me, the transition has been worth it.

    Also, I still use Flickr for most of my photos and I don’t have any problems posting them to my site. Several years ago I used Photobucket for my pictures, but now their setup is very similar to Flickr – only more expensive to continue using when you run out of free space.

  2. I’ve used WordPress for nearly 8 years now, but this last update is a titch annoying, photo wise (for the way I do photos) – I have to go into the html to resize the pics now. VERY annoying for Misadventures posts…. I’m ok with how I add pics otherwise – it’s actually a little easier than the previous version… other than that supid manual resizing issue.

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