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WIP Weds ~ Stitchery

Contrary to recent proof and the title of this blog, I do other crafts besides just knitting. And this week I’m going to showcase one of those other crafts.


This is the current status of a cross-stitch project I’ve been working on lately. I bought it ages ago, I’m not really sure when or where. (Probably Michael’s, just based on where I used to concentrate my craft shopping.) And then I started working on it… sometime. Ages ago.


That’s almost what the project looked like when I pulled it out of the box it had been stored in during a divorce and a few moves. I don’t know how long it was languishing, and had even forgotten that I’d started working on it. But I figured, “hey! This will be a quick project that I can then either use this year or give away as a gift!” (fate still TBD) So I pulled it out, opened the kit box, and realized I was over half-way done with the cross stitching part. (When you add the back-stitch, it was probably nearly exactly half-way.) And I started happily stitching away… and then realized I should have taken a picture. So if you remove all of the green except the lightest color, and a little bit of the darkest gold, that’s where I was when I rescued this kit from storage.

And in the two weeks or so since then, I’ve gotten as far as the first picture in this post. Not bad. Not bad at all.


I did remember to take a few more progress pics since then. It’s a pretty quick kit, with few enough colors that I didn’t even bother to separate them all out before starting. And the kit itself contains everything needed to frame it and finish it, so before May is out I should have it completely done. And then I’ll have half the year to decide what to do with it.

Have a great rest of the week!


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