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WIP Weds: Socking It

So, last week I showed you a picture of a brand-new sock-in-progress. Here it is again, after a week’s worth of knitting on it:


I am so in love with this sock. The yarn (Ella Rae) is amazing, the needles (Karbonz) are a good fit for my knitting style, and the pattern (Dragonfly Socks) is enough to keep me interested while being easy enough that I can easily memorize it. Perfect combination of things to make a fast knit. This is awesome.


You’d think, given how much I like this sock, that I wouldn’t have been knitting anything else lately. You’d be wrong.

I’ve still been working on one of the two Super Sekrit Projects I mentioned last week, and they’re both still a secret. However, in the interests of showing you what I’ve been working on, here’s the other thing I worked on this past week:


I won’t tell you which of the Super Sekrit Projects this is, but I’ll let you ogle its beauty for a bit. I’ll let you know all the details once I finish (and gift) it.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


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