WIP Weds ~ falling down

I said that this was the Year if the WIP… and I did really good at sticking to that at first.

But then I cast on a present for a friend who’s having a baby. (No pics in case that friend happens to be reading this.) And then I cast on a gift for a friend who’s getting married. (No pics in case that friend happens to be reading this.)

And now I cast on something for myself.


This I going to be a pair of Dragonfly socks for me, knit from Ella Rae lace merino. I went in to the LYS (“local yarn shop” to the uninitiated) to buy needles because a knitter-friend of mine was talking up her Karbonz needles and I wanted to try them… and this yarn just happened to come home with me too. Pre-wound. Oh dear.

It’s spring. This must be a case of startitis. I’ll be fine, the prescription is just more knitting time.


3 thoughts on “WIP Weds ~ falling down

  1. Love the color. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

    But here’s a knitter question for you…how to you wind your yarn without it turning into a snarly mess? I completely messed up a gorgeous lace weight skein. Sigh.

    • Oh no! I have a swift and a ball winder, which combine to make a nice center-pull ball. If you buy yarn at a yarn store, they will usually wind it for you, as an option. Or you can have some patient soul to hold the yarn (stretched between their hands as if the skein was laid out flat) while you wind it into a ball. Fixing it once it’s messed up is harder…


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