10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ Outdoorsy

Today’s Ten On Tuesday prompt is “10 Things You Like To Do Outside.” This is fun. There are a lot of things I like doing outside. Let’s see what I come up with for the first ten of them, shall we?

1. Read. I love reading outside, say in a lounge chair on the beach under an umbrella.

2. BBQ. Indoor grills just aren’t the same thing.

3. Walks. I know that walking on the treadmill is a good rainy-day alternative. So is mall walking. But there’s nothing like a walk outside in the crisp summer evening air, or on a cool spring afternoon.

4. Knit. My ideal place to knit is at an outdoor table at a sidewalk café where I can people-watch, enjoy a cup of tea (especially an iced chai latte) and knit at the same time. It doesn’t have to be either sunny or shady, as long as it’s not the extreme of either so that I can see my knitting properly without too much squinting. Funny how too much sun is as bad for knitting as too much shade, isn’t it?

5. Swim. To be fair, I’ve never tried swimming in an indoor pool, but it seems like it would be weird and less fun.

6. Parties with friends. (Except in the winter. In that case I’d rather be inside.) These can be just in someone’s backyard, they don’t have to be at a park or something. But outdoor parties just seem so much more relaxed and casual. I guess they’re more CALIFORNIA, and so they feel more “right” to me.

7. Shop. I partly mean Farmer’s Market type shopping. But I mostly mean that I prefer outdoor malls to indoor ones. I’d rather walk along a street outside than walk down the fluorescent-lit indoor shopping malls. Maybe it’s partly due to the type of shop you usually find in an indoor mall contrasted with the type you find in an outdoor mall or along a town’s main street.

8. Watch sports. I don’t play them. But I’d rather watch a game being played outside at the stadium than inside staring at a TV. On the other hand, I watch probably one game a year, so does that even count?

9. Daydream. Maybe it’s because I’m a California girl through-and-through… but I really love daydreaming on the beach. (Which is outdoors.) Can’t help it. Sometimes I think we’re just bred this way.

10. Playing with my parents’ dog. It’s just more fun outdoors. (Not as much fun playing with the cat outdoors, even on a porch/patio, because I’m a lot more worried that she’ll panic and run into trouble. My cat is not the kind you can take to the park to play.)


4 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday ~ Outdoorsy

  1. You and I have this in common – watching sports instead of playing. LOL. I love going to the local baseball field during the summer. So much fun.

  2. “Bark! Bark! So when are you coming here to play with me, the clever pup? Huh? Indoors or out – I want to play! Arf!”

    1. I can’t imagine what my list would look like if I lived somewhere cold… I’m a cold-weather wuss. Give me a fireplace and a blanket over being outside in the cold.

      Sent by Siri


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