Ten on Tuesday ~ Pairings

So, before we get to today’s Ten on Tuesday, I’m going to review the correct answers for last week’s April Fool’s version:

1. Middle child: false. I am an eldest child.
2. Air Force Brat: true. Though my dad finished his service when I was not yet 2 years old, I was born a Brat (and have been one ever since, hehe).
3. First craft was crochet: false. My first craft was cross stitching/needlepoint. I still love it, but now I love the big projects, and they’re not portable, so I don’t do much of it.
4. Middle name: false. I share my middle name with my mom, not either of my grandmas.
5. Knitted lace only after 2 other kinds of lace: true. I first crocheted lace (doilies, snowflakes, etc) and then I learned to make bobbin lace. Only after that did I attempt knitting lace.
6. Scared of snakes: false. We had pet snakes when I was a kid. They’re cool critters. 🙂
7. Read all the Pern novels by Anne…: false. I have read most of hers, but not all. Only a smidgen of Todd’s.
8. Favorite WDW park is Epcot: false. My favorite Florida park is Animal Kingdom.
9. Favorite character is Tink: true. I love many of the characters, but when forced to choose “just one,” it’s Tink.
10. First word was dog: true, though my dad fought it. (“Dog” and “Dad” sound very similar when coming from a baby…)

And now for today’s Ten On Tuesday prompt: “10 Foods That Belong Together.” Yum. I haven’t started typing them yet, but I’m hungry already.

1. Chocolate and strawberries.
2. Tea and cookies.
3. (It’s cliché, but) fish and chips. (I’ve only recently developed a taste for fried fish, but I’m making up for lost time.)
4. Chocolate and cherries.
5. Yogurt and granola.
6. Corned beef, cabbage, and carrots.
7. Hummus and carrot or celery sticks.
8. Bologna and cottage cheese. (Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.)
9. Spinach and mandarin oranges. (One of my favorite salads is just spinach, canned mandarin oranges, and a teeny bit of dressing – either French or a vinaigrette.)
10. Pancakes / waffles / French toast and powdered sugar. (I think that’s my favorite topping: just butter and powdered sugar. Syrup is good, but it can be inconsistent at restaurants due to brand quality differences. I’m picky about my syrup.)


4 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday ~ Pairings

  1. Well, I didn’t guess on all your statements but at least the ones I did were correct 😀

    Nice list. One of our favorite salads is a spinach with red onion and mandarin oranges with Green Goddess dressing.

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