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Crafty Thursday ~ Needle Felting

Okay… so I mentioned earlier this week that I was playing with needle felting. Well, here is what I did over the weekend:

It was a lot of fun. This is something that I picked up in a round-about way: my sister works with someone who teaches needle felting classes on the side, and also sells some of her finished projects (here: Roxy’s Tiny Treasures, though at the moment she doesn’t have any of her felted projects up in the store). So my sister bought one for a present (for our grandma, I think) and then decided to take a class. She loved it, and suggested that I reach out to my knitting friends and see if anyone wanted to take a class. We did. (Filled up the class, with a waiting list.) And I loved it, too. So much so that I went home, went on Etsy, and bought some supplies. (From here: Felted Sky Studios)

The stuff arrived, and I made myself be good and wait for the weekend. When Saturday rolled around, I made this little guy:

I’d seen a suggestion for him in a book, including the idea to put a magnet on his bottom. (Tip: use a STRONG magnet. Mine wasn’t strong enough.) (The book in question was Wool Pets: Making 20 Figures with Wool Roving and a Barbed Needle) That was fun. And while I was putting things away, I balled up the leftover dark wool I had pulled out for his head, played with it a bit (I wasn’t ready to be done), and ended up mooshing the yarn into a teardrop shape. Which, as you know, is perfect for a mouse:

This guy was free-form, no pattern or anything. Just an idea in my head of a mouse. And they’re small!

The owl was a guy I made on Sunday from the pattern in a book. He is one of the Woolbuddies, and was a lot of fun. The only major difference I made to him (so far) was to start with a core of wool yarn instead of loose wool. Our teacher suggested using yarn scraps instead of wool to save the wool – she knows knitters. We always have wool scraps. I found that there were more benefits than that:

1. It saved on wool.
2. It saved on time… much faster to wind a ball of yarn than needle felt a ball of loose wool in the equivalent size.
3. It provides a firmer base for the finished toy, making it sit up more reliably. (My sister tried a similar shaped toy with a wool base instead of yarn, because that’s what she had.)

There was only one real potential downside that I saw, and that is that the yarn core is more likely to break your needle if you’re not careful (because it’s firmer). So just be careful.

And now that I’ve done the owl per instructions, I’m thinking of ways to modify him. I think he needs talons, and he definitely needs a tail.

Watch out. This is one addicting hobby.


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