10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ my turn

This week’s 10 on Tuesday prompt is the flip side to last week’s. It is: “10 Things Your Spouse Could Do But Doesn’t.” I guess it’s not 100% the opposite – that would be 10 things that Mr. Wyrm procrastinates until I do them. But it’s close enough. And it’s easier for me to do without asking him any questions about it.

1. Clean the cat box. We discussed that one already, last week. He’ll do it if I ask him to, and once in a while if I’m really sick or super exhausted he’s told me to go to bed and has cleaned it for me. But generally, this is my task.

2. Go grocery shopping. The way I see it, I do the cooking, so I know what shopping needs to be done. And speaking of that…

3. Cook. I don’t object to this one at all. (Actually, I don’t think I object to any of them.)

4. Send thank you/birthday/Christmas/etc. cards. He doesn’t like sending cards. I do. Simple solution.

5. Pay the phone bill. We added him to my account, so I pay the bill. He pays other bills. And it’s really all a wash anyway.

6. Drive the first leg of our Disneyland trips. I’m more likely to be awake during the early part of the drive and more likely to fall asleep at the end of it. This is self-preservation as much as anything.

7. Most gift buying for our families. Similar to #4. He tends to procrastinate his gift buying until the last few days before the celebration. (He’s one of those Christmas Eve shoppers.) I tend to have my shopping done a month in advance. (Notice I say nothing of finishing the gifts I’m making. Just the ones I’m buying.) So I tend to either coerce him into coming shopping with me, or just do it myself.

8. Take out the trash. Maybe because I do the cooking (and so smell the dirty kitchen trash more often), but smelly trash usually bugs me before it bugs him. Especially now that we have our nice new trash can which keeps the odors in (except when opened to throw something new away).

9. Get the mail. Maybe because I send more mail than he does, and so I’m going over there anyway. Or maybe because I get home before he does. Or maybe because I am more curious than he is if there’s anything good in there.

10. Anything that requires getting up early. Neither of us likes getting up early. But I am more used to it, due to my Day Job not letting me come in late. (And he has a flexible work schedule, the lucky duck.)


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