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WIP Weds ~ multi-media

For today’s WIP Wednesday post, I am going to do something I haven’t done in a while – I am going to talk about both knitting and writing. Usually I only feel the need to discuss my (sadly minimal) writing progress on Sundays, but since Wednesdays are the other official Round Of Words check-in day, and since I have actual progress today, why not?

But knitting first. Because I am a creature of habit.


I haven’t shown you this project yet. I haven’t shown ANYONE this project yet, actually. This is the first picture I’ve taken of it. This is the Lillie Baby Cardigan I’m knitting for a friend’s new little one. I think she’s due in June? Maybe July? I have time to finish it, anyway, since I’ve only the sleeves and finishing left to do. I want to find some sweet little pink buttons. Maybe sew on some pink bows or something, too. I’m not sure yet.


The yarn on this one is Bernat Softee Baby, which I wasn’t going to buy because it’s acrylic, but it’s SO SOFT that I couldn’t resist. And while I’m knitting it, I can mostly forget that it’s acrylic. This is not the acrylic yarn that I grew up with. (Granted, there are different qualities of acrylic just as with wool, and when I was young we bought CHEAP yarn.)

Actually, I want to save the other knitting project for last, since it’s so pretty. So now we’ll talk about the writing progress. There hasn’t been a lot of PROGRESS-progress. But I’ve been thinking and have made some decisions.

First of all, I’ve decided that (even though I’ve been slacking) the 3 hours a week I want to spend writing is easily doable. I just need to rearrange my habits a bit. (This was all part of the CHAPTER AFTER CHAPTER exercises I’m supposed to be doing.) I am going to try to spend time writing on my lunch breaks at work, and doing the ten-minute writing sprint described in CHAPTER AFTER CHAPTER, Ch 1 when I get home from work. And I think I’ll be able to do at least a half-hour most weekend mornings. Between all of those, even if I miss one or two of the sessions, I’ll still get in my 3 hours. Starting today, I’ll be tracking that time.

Second of all, I’ve decided not to decide on a story to focus on this Round. Instead, I am going to be writing character sketches. I may flesh out characters, or I may start a new sketch with each writing session. The stories I am drawn to most as a reader have super strong characters, so that’s where I want to focus my writing efforts. On the characters. The plot (and even the genre) will come later, once I know who I want to write about.

And now for the second current knitting WIP: my Lollipop Dreambird shawl. I am so proud of this one, and it’s looking more lovely each time I finish another feather. I love the colors of this Chroma.


(The pattern is the Dreambird KAL, and the feather yarn is Chroma fingering in the Lollipop colorway, hence the shawl’s name.)

The pattern on this one is a lot of fun, and though I’m not sure that I’m doing the double stitches the way the designer intended, at least I’m being consistent and not ending up with holes to deal with. Also, I’ve been carrying the yarn forward when not in use, so that it’s at the place where I need it when it’s time to switch colors again. This means that there’s a little extra color on the back where the feather yarn carries up, but it also means a LOT fewer ends to weave in. It also means that I can use every inch of this lovely yarn, if I end up with enough of the background color. (Or if I run out of the background color, it means more of the Chroma to use in another project. It’s all good.)

I’m not sure that I will, but I’m hoping to have this one finished soon enough that I can still wear it before it gets too warm. Not much time left for that here in sunny California, but maybe there’s enough… It would make a lovely springtime shawl over a light tank.


2 thoughts on “WIP Weds ~ multi-media

  1. It really is all about working the schedule isn’t it? Wishing you all the best as you move forward with it.

    Both of these knits are gorgeous! And what a special gift for your friend. I treasure all the baby knitwear I was given — or made 😉 — so much it’s been lovely packed away until there are grandbabies to enjoy them. Of course, given the wee beasties’ ages those grandbabies better be a long, long time down the road, LOL.

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