10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ Honey-Do

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “10 Things You Can Do Yourself But You Get Your Spouse To Do Instead”. This prompt amuses me greatly. There are alternate options, ie “… But You’d Rather Hire Someone To Do For You” or “… But You Make Your Kids Do Instead” (not applicable to me), and I may have to resort to adding a few of those in. We’ll see. This is still a really fun prompt.

  1. Deal with spiders. I can easily deal with them myself. I’m an adult, and many times bigger than the spiders. But I make Mr. Wyrm take care of them. (Most other bugs, too.)
  2. Clean the shower. This used to be something we both did, but then after we (mostly he) re-caulked the shower, I accidentally scrubbed the new caulk a little too hard trying to get it clean. I didn’t do any real damage, but I got scolded to be more careful (rightly so) and ever since I’ve “procrastinated” cleaning the shower just long enough for him to do it for me.
  3. Supervise the cat on her forays outdoors. I could do this one, but since he is the one who made the mistake of letting her get a taste for exploring the front stoop, he is the one who gets to deal with the result (aka her being a pest until he lets her out). I fully realize that if I also start letting her out, she’ll bug me, too. He can handle that one.
  4. Boy laundry. He gets to do his own wash. Yeah, sure, I’ll move it from the washer to the dryer if needed, but he gets to sort it and all that jazz.
  5. Resetting the circuit breakers when one goes. (Unless it’s critical that I reset it immediately and he’s not home.) I use the excuse of “you know where everything is already.” It seems to work. Mostly, though, I’m just too lazy to figure it out.
  6. Home repair. Technically, I could do it with the proper tools and instructions. But I don’t. Either Mr. Wyrm does it, or we hire someone, as far as I am concerned. There are lots of reasons for this. Time, strength, knowledge, frustration levels… you get the idea.
  7. Taxes. This year, anyway. And probably most (if not all) future years. I did my own taxes when we were single, but as a married couple, he can have it. His taxes are the more complex anyway, and he’s the one who buys the tax prep software. It’s logical (and convenient for me) for him to do it.
  8. Pay for our insurance. Does this one count? Kinda, I think. I could have our (or my) insurance come out of my paycheck. But he gets the better rates, and has the higher salary. It’s kinda a wash… if there comes a time when it makes sense for me to pay the insurance for us, I will. But for now… he can.
  9. Man the BBQ grill. I’ll be honest. This one is on my wish list. As it is, if I want something grilled, I need to either do it myself or get my dad to come over and grill.
  10. And the last one is going to be the opposite. This is one of the things that’s on my perpetual list of to-do items. Clean the cat box. While the cat has become “ours,” she started out as “mine” and so the litter box is nearly always my chore. I don’t really mind, especially since he’s willing to help out if I need him to. But if I could pay someone to do it, I’d be hard pressed not to.

Tee hee! What about you – any particular things you get someone else to do, if you can?


4 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday ~ Honey-Do

  1. Hmm, I wonder if I can go into the cat litter box cleaning business when I retire? I wonder how much I could charge for my services?

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