Ten on Tuesday ~ And the Oscar goes to…

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “10 Thoughts On This Year’s Oscar Show”. Well, I’m in luck! I actually watched (most of) the Oscars this year. (Granted, there were optional prompts in case we didn’t watch, but still. I like to do the “regular” one when I can.)

So, here are my 10 thoughts…

1. ABC could have had a great thing going with their online live stream. If they had realized that this is 2014, and people actually USE online live streams. And therefore if they had enough bandwidth to handle the number of people wanting to watch online, and had made it more than two minutes into the show before the server crashed.

2. While we wanted to watch using the live stream, I guess the Oscars gave us an excuse to finally set up the TV antenna. So while we missed the first 20 minutes to half hour of the show, at least we got to see most of it.

3. If I had to sit in that audience doing nothing for as long as they do, and if I had been posing on the red carpet and all THAT nothing for as long as they do, I would have totally been in on that pizza.

4. Why don’t people bring knitting to the Oscars? It would make the long bits of waiting that much more bearable.

5. I really wanted “The Wind Rises” to win Best Animated Picture, and I am very sad that it did not. I felt that (even though I did not see all of the movies in the category) it was the best of those movies, and should have been recognized as such. I am glad it was nominated, though. At least that was something. And since the movie wasn’t released in the US until recently (though it was out in Japan last summer), I guess it’s not surprising that the US-majority of Academy voters didn’t select it to win.

6. If “The Wind Rises” didn’t win, “Frozen” was my next choice. So at least there’s that.

7. I love Idina Menzel. And I love her song “Let It Go”.

8. I could easily make a John Travolta pronunciation joke here, but I think they’ve all been made already. And I hear that Idina is being really classy and not mentioning it, so I won’t say anything more than I just did.

9. I am pleasantly surprised that “Gravity” did not win Best Picture or Best Actress. I enjoyed that movie, but I liked the visuals and the (mostly) science accuracy in the film. I’m not a huge Sandra Bullock fan (I can take her movies, or leave them), and “Gravity” didn’t change my mind on that.

10. There are people complaining that Ellen overdid the pizza bit, or that the mass group selfie was silly or dumb. Personally, I liked them both. And you know what? I love that she proved that you can just have FUN as an Oscars host. (Hooray for costume changes!) There’s no need to always be edgy. There’s no need to be snarky and make fun of everyone all the time. (Keep in mind that I missed her opening monologue due to technical difficulties. She may have been snarky then, but if so she kept it contained and didn’t carry it through the entire show.) It is possible to just have fun playing dress up and visiting with friends. More awards shows should be like that.

What do you guys think? Did you watch this year, or have any opinions on the winners (or losers)?


2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday ~ And the Oscar goes to…

  1. I got to see most of the nominated movies this time so that made me more interested in the awards in general. I didn’t see Blue Jasmine nor Frozen so can’t speak to their awards 🙂 And I agree Ellen did a good job.

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