WIP Weds Again… at last

It’s been a while since I did a WIP Weds post, hasn’t it? I guess I’ve been posting too many FO posts, but I didn’t hear any complaining. The FO pictures were certainly better than the WIP pictures I have to share, but that’s partly because of the glamour shots treatment that finished objects get. WIP pictures are more of a spontaneous thing.

Here is the first WIP for the week, and the next that will become a finished object: the Owlings mitts.


These were part of my mom’s Christmas gift, and once the gift-giving rush was over, so was the urgency to finish the mitts. So the second mitt has taken twice as long (at least) as the first one. Oops. At any rate, they’re nearly done and should be on her hands in time for the next big storm we have come through.

Next up, something for my sister: the Galder socks.


It might have been a while since these have been featured on the blog, but I knit the first sock really quickly. The second one – when I’m working on it – is also knitting up fast. I’m nearly to the heel already, and I don’t feel like I’ve spent that much time on it. Either I have lost track of time working on them, or they just fly off the needles. I’m not sure which.

And the last WIP picture of the day is something a bit different: yarn.


This is yarn I’ve been spinning up from a silk hankie I bought at a long-past Stitches West. (I think.) It’s been sitting there, waiting to be spun, for some time now. I actually bought two of the silk hankies, but what you see pictured is one complete hankie.I haven’t started in on the other one yet. I decided that the “Year of the WIP” could apply to spinning, too, and since I just bought some new fiber off of Etsy, I decided that if I want to spin it, I have to first finish spinning what I’ve already got going. And there you have it.

Details on the silk yarn, since I I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here before: it’s from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks, and the colorway is called “Dove”. I can see why. It’s a very soft gray, but it’s blended with purples and blues to get there. Very pretty.

Also – when did Ravelry add all those cool handspun options? I hadn’t seen them until I went to add this project to the database. Very neat! I love the additions.


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