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FO: Eliina Shawl

I don’t normally like posting two FO posts in a row (I’d rather intersperse a WIP post), but I’m too happy about this next FO to hold back.


This is the Eliina Shawl, and I’m so very glad it’s finished.

It turned out lovely as well, but by the time it was done, I was SO READY. It’s knit out of a cobweb weight yarn. (For those of you who are not knitters, yes. Cobweb weight does mean what it sounds like it means. You are essentially knitting with thread.)


Anyway, enough complaining about the yarn weight (which I chose) and back to the good points. The thing I like best are the colors. So pretty! And I love the way the color changes seemed to happen mostly at the eyelet rows through no planning of mine.

Would I knit this shawl again? Maybe. But only if I was using a thicker yarn so that I could make a decent sized shawl without adding extra repeats. Because while it is a lace shawl, it is mostly stockinette. There is very little lace patterning until the edging. Also, it is a triangle shawl, and while they are probably the most common and still look great, they are not my favorite shape to wear. (Thats probably a crescent shawl.) So a re-knit is debatable.


Would I use this yarn again? Unlikely. The colors are great, but the yarn is not as comfy to knit with as it is in the ball. Probably because of the cobweb weight, so I would give other yarns by the same manufacturer a chance. But for this one, I’d use another yarn that is softer and yet still has fun color changes – there are a bunch of choices out there now.


THE SPECS: (and a link to my Ravelry project)

PATTERN: Eliina Shawl
DESIGNER: Lankakomero
YARN: Jojoland Harmony
NEEDLES: US 2? I think?
START/END DATES: September 28, 2012 – February 15, 2014
MODS: knit 2 extra repeats of the main pattern & knit with cobweb yarn instead of light fingering


4 thoughts on “FO: Eliina Shawl

  1. Gorgeous Nicole. I love the colors and how light-weight it looks. I’ve never knit with a cobweb weight yarn but I can imagine the challenge. I think your choice of it paid off here though.

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