10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ Think Red

The prompt for today’s Ten on Tuesday is “10 Favorite Things That Are Red.” I think I must be hungry as I write this, because most of the things that are coming to mind at the moment are food items… hmm. Well, they do still count!

1. Cherries. Yum yum yum.

2. Steak. Especially since I like my steak rare (or, as my family says, “mooing”).

3. Tomatoes. Particularly the cherry or grape sized tomatoes.

4. Strawberries! Yummy. Chocolate-dipped optional.

5. Yarn. Though I don’t know if this counts, since I like yarn in nearly any color.

6. Roses! So pretty. Technically my favorite roses have both red AND white (they’re the Fire & Ice ones), but still.

7. Foxes. They’re so cute!

8. Sunsets. They might not be a true red, but close enough.

9. Mars and Antares. I don’t get to stargaze much these days, but when I do have the time I love picking out things I recognize. And the reddish color to these two help make them identifiable.

10. Coke. (Hey, the can is red.) Especially when it’s Cherry Coke. And the real Cherry Coke, not the Coke + flavoring stuff from that you get from the pick-your-own-flavor machines with thousands of flavor choices.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!


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