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WIPping Right Along

Lots of progress has been being made on my WIPs lately! This is good. Really good. I’ve finished three projects so far – and while these were all nearly done, it still feels good to get them off the “in progress” list. I’ll post FO posts soon, after the gifts have been delivered.

In the meantime, I’ve picked the Eliina shawl back up.

Eliina in progress

It had been hibernating due to annoyance (you may remember that I goofed the lace edging and had to rip back) but is now on the go again. I’ve gotten past the point I’d been when I had to rip out the lace, and am almost to the final stretch on it. (The lace edging has a repetitive section followed by a not-so-repetative section. I’m almost done with the repetitive bit. And none too soon. I enjoy the colors of this yarn, but I’m very ready to be done with the shawl.)

And this time I got smart.


I put in a lifeline.


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