Ten on Tuesday ~ Breakfast!

Today’s Ten on Tuesday blog prompt is “Ten Favorite Breakfast Foods.” Oh, that should be easy. I love breakfast foods. Breakfast is one of my favorite dinners, too.

Here we go, my 10 favorite breakfast foods, in more or less the correct order (most favorite first).

  1. Hash browns. And not the fancy country potatoes, either. Just your basic fried shredded potatoes.
  2. French Toast. With lots of syrup. But I don’t like most of the “unique” French toasts. I don’t want a cinnamon roll cooked French toast-style. I want French toast.
  3. Bacon. Enough said.
  4. Waffles! Especially the ones shaped like Mickey Mouse.
  5. Fruit salad, when well prepared. I don’t like the canned fruit cocktail anymore, though that used to be a lunch staple. What I do like are fresh fruits, and a good combination of soft and crunchy. But I don’t want oranges in my salad. I’d prefer to eat those as wedges separately. (Yes, I’m picky. Why not be? Life is too short to eat inadequate food when you have the choice.)
  6. Sausage. I especially have fond memories of the sausage patties my grandma used to cook for breakfast when my sister and I would stay the night.
  7. Corned beef hash. But no egg on top, please.
  8. Denver Omelets/ham & cheese scrambles. I don’t care which format. Just mix up some eggs, diced ham, and cheese, and I’m a happy girl. Onion and bell pepper optional.
  9. Baked eggs. This was a traditional Dad-cooked favorite for weekend mornings. (Not that my dad CAN’T cook other things, but this is hands down the best in his repertoire.) It would be higher up the list, except I can only get them from my dad. I have tried replicating it, but while my version are okay they just don’t come out as good. And I haven’t gotten up the courage to ask a restaurant to try it.
  10. Fried egg sandwiches. But again, I’m pretty picky. I like the bread buttered, but not toasted. And I like the eggs lightly salt & peppered, and cooked over hard so that they don’t ooze goo all over the bread.

What about you? Do you like breakfast? (And if not, can I have yours?)

(And for the record, that was very easy. The hardest part was deciding which items to leave off the list.


5 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday ~ Breakfast!

  1. My basic breakfast is peanut butter toast and OJ. I can’t do eggs or grease in the morning. But I love eggs and fancy hash browns (with all sorts of stuff in them) for other meals.

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