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52 Books 2014: Week 3

Trapped: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Five
Kevin Hearne
(urban fantasy)

Let’s take a look a the good, the bad, and the uncertain of TRAPPED, shall we?

THE GOOD: I love seeing Granuaile as a druid. She is kick-ass. Once she gets a little practice, she’ll be even better than Atticus. Also, it’s about time she can hear Oberon’s thoughts, too, and I love the interaction between the three of them.

I also really enjoyed seeing some more of the Celtic gods and their land. I do enjoy the interactions between them – after all, they and Atticus have a long history, and “belong” together as it were. Not that it isn’t also fun seeing the druid hang out with Jesus, but they are not “supposed” to interact in the same way.

THE BAD: I don’t like the events of HAMMERED. At least, not the end result of it. And so anything that has a big foundation in those events are not my favorite thing to read. Well, in TRAPPED, essentially all of conflict is Atticus dealing with things he caused in HAMMERED. One conflict (book conflict) focuses on how he angered a certain god of wine, and the other conflict (series conflict) focuses on events that were unleashed due to his actions with Thor and company.

Now, I can deal with the stuff revolving around the angry god for this book. It’s not my preference (I really prefer to see him doing stuff with nature rather than portals, for instance) but I’m okay with it. The other part, though an obvious series arc, is what I don’t much care for. Granted, it’s getting better because Atticus is trying not to be an idiot about it now (unlike before when he was being an idiot and didn’t care).

THE UNCERTAIN: I’m not sure what I will think of the series going forward. I have enjoyed it to this point, but there are aspects of the series that I don’t like nearly as much. If those parts are the focus from here, then it’s possible that I won’t continue with it. I do know that I like it enough to give Book 6 (HUNTED) a try, especially since that will catch me up with the currently-released books. But after that? We’ll have to wait and see.


3 thoughts on “52 Books 2014: Week 3

    1. Thank you! I would highly recommend the first two books. Those were great. But don’t go into book 3 with the same expectations. It’s good, but that’s where we really hit the series plotline, and the individual book pacing changes because of it.

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