ROW Update: Week #1

Here’s my progress report for the Round of Words this week:

Year-long Goals

  • The (Knitting) Year of the WIP.
  • 52 book (reviews) in 52 weeks.
    1. Tricked by Kevin Hearne
    2. Simon’s Cat by Simon Tofield

Round (aka quarter)-long Goals

  • Work on my new collaborative web-based writing project.
    • Brainstorming a plot:
    • Working out a schedule of deadlines:
  • Get my 2 main characters firmed up for SCVH.
    • Heroine:
    • Hero:
  • Read a craft book.
    • Do any applicable exercises that go with the book.

Monthly Goals

  • (At least) 1 good visit with family per month.
    • January:
  • (At least) 1 paper book read, and 1 audio book listened to.
    • Paper:
    • Audio:
  • Update my book library in LibraryThing. Audio books and e-books too.

Weekly Goals

  • Spend a minimum of 3 hours per week on writing projects. Any writing projects. ~ Not done. Between being sick and being lazy, I just didn’t get to it on the days I had planned to.
  • Go to the gym 3 times per week minimum. I’m not setting a specific goal of what to do each time I go, but I hope to have weekly focus on weights, cardio, and the yoga class I want to start. ~ Not this week. Illness and gym time don’t mix well.
  • Post a minimum of 3 blog posts per week.
    1. Enter 2014, my ROW Goals post.
    2. Ten on Tuesday ~ Best of 2013
    3. WIP Weds post – Nearly There!
    4. 52 Books in 52 Weeks, week #2 (Simon’s Cat)
  • Review one book per week on the blog. ~ Done!
  • Maintain my books read for the week in Goodreads. ~ Done!
  • Read and comment on at least 7 blogs, at least 3 of which should be other ROWers. ~ I’m pretty sure I did this one, though since I forgot to add it until half-way through the week, I’m not positive. I’m calling it a win anyway, though, if for no other reason than I remembered to add it.

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