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52 Books 2014: Week 2

It’s hard to review a comic book, especially one without words, but I’ll try. This will probably be a short review, though.

Simon’s Cat: Beyond the Fence
Simon Tofield

If you don’t know the Simon’s Cat videos on YouTube, the first thing you should do when you’re done reading this is go watch them. Trust me. They’re worth it, especially (but not exclusively) for cat lovers. BEYOND THE FENCE is the second of the Simon’s Cat books, and it has less Cat-and-Simon interaction, but a whole lot more Cat-and-Nature interaction. If what you like best is seeing the human and cat interplay, you probably will not like this book as much as the first one, though it is still very amusing.

I enjoyed this one a lot, in part due to the fact that I love hedgehogs and there are lots of hedgies in this book. There are also interactions with wild cats and lots of varieties of birds. It’s a highly amusing book, though also a very easy read since there are no words in it. Strictly a picture comic.

I don’t like the books as much as the videos, though I do enjoy them both. They’re different kinds of entertainment, and both have great value. (Also, the videos are free on YouTube. Buying the books is one way of supporting the artist.)

Simon’s Cat: Feed Me!
Simon Tofield

I also read FEED ME!, which I’m including in this same review post because it’s a much shorter book and I feel better about including them both in one review than giving them each individual posts.

FEED ME! has more of the Cat-and-Simon interactions that fans of the videos have come to expect, mostly because humans are domestic cats’ biggest source of food. There are plenty of other things in the comics, though, as the cat (or cats – the Kitten is in this one) sometimes tries to collect his own food.


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