Enter 2014

So, it’s time to start off a new year. Welcome to 2014, and may it be happy for everyone!

In keeping with tradition here at the Lair of the Bookwyrm, I am not going to list resolutions per se. Instead, I am going to list up some things that I intend to do this year, and that will include my goals for the first Round of Words in 2014. (Writing is a big part of things that I intend to do in 2014.)

Also in keeping with my personal tradition, I am not going to rehash what I did or didn’t do over the course of the year. Plans change, and goals should too. Instead, I will revisit these plans and intents over the course of the year in my ROW80 blog posts. Which will hopefully be weekly, but you know how these things go.

Therefore, here are my intents for 2014:

Year-long Goals

  • Knitting-wise, this will be the Year of the WIP. I intend to finish up a lot of my works in progress, to the point that I only intend to start one new project per quarter, and each of those projects will be gifts. I retain the right to revise this if I come across MUST KNIT gifts or finish a ton on WIPs.
  • I am going to do another 52 books in 52 weeks blog post series. Not because I want to make sure I read 52 books over the year, but to make sure that I review 52 books this year. My reviews have been slacking lately.

Round (aka quarter)-long Goals

  • Work on my new collaborative web-based writing project. It’s not my project to disclose – I’m just assisting on it – so I can’t even go into what it’s about. For now, I’ll just call it my Co-op project, and it has a pretty high priority without completely bumping my own work to the sidelines. Part of the Round goals will be brainstorming a plot, and part will be working out a schedule of deadlines. This may move to a weekly or monthly goal as my partners and I iron out the schedule.
  • Get my 2 main characters firmed up for SCVH. I stalled out on the character building for them during the rehearsals for my caroling group, and it’s time to get them figured out so I can firm up the plot for that book.
  • Read a craft book. I have two in mind, just need to pick which one. Do any applicable exercises that go with the book.

Monthly Goals

  • (At least) 1 good visit with family per month.
  • (At least) 1 paper book read, and 1 audio book listened to. Yes, I have a goal of a weekly book review and I would prefer to finish a book a week minimum, but I also want to make sure I keep the variety – hence the paper book versus the audio book.
  • Update my book library in LibraryThing. Audio books and e-books too.

Weekly Goals

  • Spend a minimum of 3 hours per week on writing projects. Any writing projects.
  • Go to the gym 3 times per week minimum. I’m not setting a specific goal of what to do each time I go, but I hope to have weekly focus on weights, cardio, and the yoga class I want to start.
  • Post a minimum of 3 blog posts per week. One should be a ROW update, one should be a book review, and the other will often be a Ten on Tuesday. However, this is not a firm schedule, and can be modified as I choose. Except…
  • Review one book per week on the blog.
  • Maintain my books read for the week in Goodreads.

So that’s my plan for 2014. It will be altered as needed throughout the year, of course, but I think it’s good to take stock every so often and set plans. Goals are a good thing. Without something to shoot for, we often don’t bother to aim for anything at all.


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