Ten On Tuesday ~ Holiday Traditions

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “10 Traditions You Observe For The Holidays.” The full prompt specifies cultural traditions, but since all my cultural traditions seem to be centered around Chinese New Year, they don’t really apply here. So just 10 traditions.

  1. The tree goes up the weekend following Thanksgiving. So do the lights.
  2. Christmas music can start being played immediately following Thanksgiving. Occasionally it will slip in earlier, but not much.
  3. We watch “BC’s Special Christmas” together as a family. (You can find information on it here (scroll down) and a YouTube link to the beginning of it here.)
  4. Christmas presents get wrapped and put under the tree a few at a time, and we (when we were kids) would always check each day after school to see what new things had arrived. (Gifts from Santa came separately, of course.)
  5. We also watch A Claymation Christmas. Awesome, awesome video. The California Raisins (aka The Temptations) sing a wonderful version of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, there’s a silly version of Carol of the Bells, and Walruses ice skating to Angels We Have Heard On High. You have to watch it for yourself.
  6. Clam dip. My uncle’s recipe. EVERY holiday comes with clam dip. That’s all there is to it.
  7. The crock pot comes out to make mulled cider. Great stuff. (This is a tradition that started when my sister and I got older, but it’s been going on long enough to be a tradition now.)
  8. We make a point of celebrating birthdays separately. (My mom’s birthday is near Christmas, and now my niece’s birthday is too.) We even pull out the birthday wrapping paper instead of just using Christmas stuff.
  9. Christmas Eve church service, complete with candles. I don’t go much these days (I like sleep too much, and the candlelight service is the midnight one), but that’s something I have always loved.
  10. Santa presents were the one thing that we could always play with (as soon as they were delivered and Santa was home asleep, anyway). We could tell what the Santa presents were, because those were the ones that were unwrapped under the tree. And they were often arranged in some sort of diorama. If they were LEGO (and they often were), they came PRE-ASSEMBLED. Santa was dedicated in my house, yo.

Merry Christmas, everyone! There’s no official Ten On Tuesday prompt next week (since it’s Christmas Eve and all), but I plan to do a list of my 10 favorite Christmas Carols anyway.

Do you have any holiday traditions that you have to do each year in order to get into the spirit?


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