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WIP that’s an FO

As in my last WIP post, I mentioned that it was difficult at this time of year to show any pictures of anything, since most everything was slated to be a present. Well, that is true of this week’s featured WIPs, but since I know that my young niece doesn’t read my blog (and I know that those family members who do WILL NOT SPOIL THE PRESENT, OR ELSE), I’m safe on this one.


Barbie dresses. Yes. Barbie dresses.


And I’m having a surprising amount of fun with them. True, they’re a little fiddley at times and in places, but they’re fun and fast knits.

The first one shown is on an actual Barbie, and is The KimberlyKnits Basic Barbie Dress Pattern. I made it from Lion Brand something or other, because that’s what I had on hand. The pink straps are from the bikini top Barbie is wearing. (I didn’t feel like stripping Barbie to try on the dress, since I had purchased a doll with clothing that the dresses would fit over.)


(I liked it so much, and it was so fast, that I made a second one. The second was out of Bernat Soft Boucle, and that yarn was a PAIN to work with. Remind me to donate the remainder of it somewhere.)

The second dress shown is the first one I made, and while it took a little longer (the Lion Brand dress took a matter of 3-ish hours, while the sock yarn one took something around 6 or 7 hours of straight knitting), it was still a quick knit. It was also a more enjoyable one, since the smaller weight yarn meant I could do more with shaping. But – not nearly as quick.

So that second dress (which was knit first) is #0302 Green Dress by Sticka till Barbie. The designer’s website has a lot more patterns on it, and I will be trying several of them. I mean a LOT more patterns. As evidenced by the fact that the one I did was number 302. So there are 301 more before it. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, the website currently goes up to number 1115. Yes. You read that right. That’s a lot of (FREE!) Barbie dress patterns.


Of course, the bonus of the not-quite-as-fitted dress is that it could also be a skirt.

Anyway, I am having a ton of fun making these, and I hope my niece enjoys them as much when I give them to her for her birthday. I will be making more, even after said birthday, so I hope she likes them enough to get more for her NEXT birthday. (But I’ll be making them anyway. They’re fun.)


2 thoughts on “WIP that’s an FO

  1. Fun. I remember Nana knitting me dresses for my dolls. My niece has all but the one doll and dress I held on to. I bet your niece will treasure them long after she’s outgrown the dolls.

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